Canes made of unusuel materials


Famous cabbageWalking stick

Bizarre and improbable

The Jersey Giant Cabbage is remarkable for its ability to grow up to 20 feet in height, with a wood stalk that grows both straight and hard, it is from the latter that the famous cabbage walking sticks are produced. The leaves, pulled up in small quantity, are used to feed herds or to wrap the butter on the market.

The tuft left up the stem is excellent to eat, even better when frost has come. This very strange cabbage has been use as theme for a well-known song about rally cars.

Magnificent "Incroyable walking stick" made of Jersey Giant Cabbage
Handle in calotte made of thuja's burr
Wood and nail Ferule
Total lenght of the cane: 0m93
Medium Diameter: 5cm5

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Canes made of unusuel materials
Famous cabbage walking stick